1. Villa Mauritius: Tips to spend a wonderful honeymoon in Mauritius


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    My dear future brides, we invite you to discover an article that gives you advice to spend your honeymoon in Mauritius, ideal destination for lovers of idyllic sandy beaches. Heavenly beaches, warm climate, charming hotels, Mauritius meets all the criteria to be the ideal destination for a honeymoon. If you also want to fly to this destination with your other half, here are some tips to make your stay on the island idyllic.

    Where and when to go on honeymoon in Mauritius?

    Mauritius is lucky to enjoy a mild climate throughout the year. Indeed, with a temperature reaching 25 ° C in winter against 35 ° C in summer, it is quite possible to travel there at any time of the year. But for a trip to Mauritius in love, the winter season is ideal, between July and August.

    What activities to do during your honeymoon in Mauritius?

    In order to enjoy activities on the island, do not forget to bring your wedding certificate with you. Indeed, the services on the island offer special offers to newly married couples. An opening to all kinds of activities. In addition to having fun on the beach and visiting the island, you can enjoy unusual activities like swimming with DOLPHINS, to go on a submarine trip by sea scooter and many others …


    You will have nothing to worry about your accommodation. You will be spoiled for choice. Hotels that suit the taste and the means of each, from the decoration to the service. Indeed, different possibilities are available to you. For a romantic escape, you can opt for hotels and why not an overwater bungalow or beachfront. For a pampering and intimate moment with your other half, why not take one of our luxury villa.

  2. Tourist guide – Bel Ombre


    Nestled in a former sugar cane plantation, this village is a haven of tranquility in the middle of beautiful nature. You will enjoy Mauritius far from the crowd without giving up a whole range of entertainment.

    In the southwest of Mauritius, the village of Bel Ombre, former sugar cane plantation, stretches for several kilometers of beach. As in the rest of this island of the Indian Ocean, April, May, June, September, October and November are the best months to travel to Bel Ombre, but no period is to be discarded from the outset, cyclones who roam the region from November to March sparing in general these paradisiacal shores.

    With turquoise waters that are maintained all year round between 20 and 25 ° C, the beach and the lagoon are one of the highlights of Bel Ombre where you can easily practice your favorite sports: water skiing, sailing or diving, but also tennis, parasailing or golf. Less touristy than the north of the island, therefore wilder, the region offers many excursion places. A few kilometers east of Bel Ombre, Souillac has long been a nerve center for the exploitation of sugar cane, for example.

    Going up to the northwest, Tamarins Bay, a lighthouse attraction on the island, is waiting for you with hundreds of dolphins splashing among the boats. Bel Ombre is also close to Blue Bay, a world scuba diving spot or a simple mask and snorkel will transport you to the world of silence, amidst live corals and tropical fish. An experience rich in emotions and colors that will make you want to come back as soon as possible under the beautiful shade of palm trees of Mauritius.

    Transportation and travel in Bel Ombre

    Renting a car in Bel Ombre is the best solution if you want to discover Mauritius from your base in two or three days. If you prefer to stay in the area, the bike, scooter and taxi, or even the taxi guide for a half-day or a day trip, will give you satisfaction. Buses also connect the main points of the island.

    Visits to Bel Ombre

    In the area of ​​Bel Ombre, Valriche, which borders the Black River Gorges National Park, is a privileged excursion on foot or in 4X4 to discover the endemic flora, like the ebony tree, and a rich deer fauna , in monkeys or birds straw tail. The area extends from the south coast up to an altitude of 400 m which offers a beautiful view of the whole region.

    Outings in Bel Ombre

    As far as knowing right away, Bel Ombre is not Ibiza and it is not the bars and discotheques that will prevent you from sleeping there. The nightlife takes refuge in the bars of the many resorts along the beach where you will enjoy, in general, an irreproachable quality of service. To really party go to Port Louis or even better, to Grand Bay, capital of the bars and clubs of the island.

  3. KiteSurf in Bel Ombre

    kitesurf bel ombre

    Around the island, there are fantastic beaches for kitesurfing. Especially in Bel Ombre, we Spot KiteSurf: Bel Ombre is a small village typical fisherman and very original located in the southwest of Mauritius. The kite spot as well as the center of Kiteglobing is at the end of Bel Ombre at the end of the 5-star hotel, The Telfair as well as the 4.5-star hotel, Awali, right of the C Beach Club. The center is run by the German Kathrin Kühnert and her husband Maurice Maxwell Ernest. Kathrin and Maxwell are passionate kitesurfers too, and do everything to make visitors feel at home. Every visitor is greeted with an incredible cordiality.


    C Beach Club and Bel Ombre kite station

    The spot is multiform and therefore adaptable for kitesurfers beginners, advanced and all levels. The spacious lagoon is in flat water and so waves at the reef. It’s perfect for the family, just a few steps away from the hotels and the kite center, where you’ll find the C Beach Club having everything from a pool with loungers to great facilities.

    Regarding kite equipment, Kiteglobing offers complete North equipment and always takes care of new and good equipment. Space to keep the equipment, a boat and the rescue service are also available. Even the new trend, paddle board and surf can be arranged for a small amount of money. These activities are free for kitesurfing guests.


    The conditions of the kite spot:

    When the wind blows side-shore on the left, it is better to take his wing in the position at 10 o’clock and walk 10-20 meters into the lagoon before starting.

    In Mauritius, it is typical to be surrounded by a barrier reef. It is identical to Bel Ombre or it is separated into a spot for waves and a large area perfectly suitable for beginners, and a dimension of 700 meters by 300 meters.

    Unfortunately, there are also some corals so it is better to wear shoes. From the beach one sees a long, slightly darker stretched line, about 20 by 60 meters, it’s algae. It is also the main area for lessons. This area is followed by a turquoise part or the water is some deep, perfect for kitesurfers at low tide or for lessons with the boat. This zone is approximately 80 meters in length and 8 meters in width, aligned with corals and marked with a red buoy. Kitesurfers can go over, but are not supposed to jump or pass during low tide. After 30 meters of the lagoon, the kitesurfer must be careful of the low tide because it is the beginning of the reef. Behind the reef is the high seas with waves (the waves are comparable to those of One Eye), in the same direction of the wind, for novice kitesurfers and also conditions for advanced kitesurfers. At this place, you can surf waves from one to four meters. It’s a perfect area for good kitesurfers who are starting to rip the waves. When they are fat, he may have a strong current. At low tide, you can walk about 80 meters. Thanks to the exclusive right of Kiteglobing for this spot, it is never bung and it has a lot of space on the water most of the time.

  4. Seasons in Mauritius

    villa mauritius beach

    April in Mauritius: Transition to the austral winter

    Just like November and December, the month of April is certainly the most attractive period for a stay in Mauritius. The climate is rather dry, the temperatures in day are less scorching and the nights softer compared to the previous months. The Indian Ocean is still very hot, around 26 °.

    During this gap Mauritius is ideal for traveling with your family and kids of all ages because the temperatures of the air and water are really nice.

    From May to September: the austral winter is the “cold” season in Mauritius

    The average temperatures are around 25 ° when the Mauritian weather is sunny. The evenings and nights are cooler during these months in Mauritius, temperatures can drop to 15 °. A little jacket will be necessary if you want to enjoy dinners feet in the sand.

    The rains may be more frequent but in the form of scattered and fine showers. Swimming remains pleasant with a sea at 24 ° in the lagoon. This period is the perfect opportunity for a special relaxation and well-being in a spa in Mauritius, the season really lends itself.

    When to go to Mauritius?

    Month by month we will update these pages so that you know exactly when to go to Mauritius, what is the most suitable season to stay on the island depending on whether you go with your family with young children, between sports friends or for a Pure relaxation trip in love.

  5. Christmas in Mauritius

    How to celebrate Christmas in Mauritius?

    In this article, you will know all the particularities of the Christmas party in Mauritius compared to a Christmas you would spend in Europe or America. Christmas? Everyone has heard this word, at least once, during his life.

    Christmas is the most famous holiday in the world! Not because it is the day Christ was born, but because it is the day when we offer ourselves gifts …And can we talk about Christmas gifts without talking about Santa? The answer may surprise you: YES!

    This case is not exceptional in Mauritius. Mauritian families, mostly of Hindu religion, love Christmas Day even if it is a Christian holiday. Of course, only Christians go to midnight mass. The churches are still quite busy compared to the churches of the world, but as in all other countries, atheism is gaining ground. However, Santa Claus is not known to all Mauritians.

    Santa Claus and his gifts

    The Mauritians of the Christian religion, like all other Christians, know why they celebrate Christmas: the Bible reminds them every year. But this is not the case of Mauritians who preach another God: why do they celebrate Christmas with Christians? Especially since many people do not believe in the imaginary existence of a big red man who comes to give gifts to the wise children …

    Santa Claus, Mauritius

    The development of digital and telecommunication has played heavily on it. Santa has become the idol of children through the mediatization of the festival on all channels around the world. Why should not non-Christian children also have Christmas gifts? After all, Santa is nothing like a religious character …

    Of course yes! Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children. It was therefore essential for non-Christians to disregard Santa Claus in children: it is the parents themselves who deliver the gifts to non-Christian children! As a result, they receive gifts just like Christian children, with the difference that the person who offers the gifts changes from one family to another.

    We hope you enjoy the festive season that is coming quickly in Mauritius!

  6. Spending relaxing holidays in a Villa in Mauritius

    Spa Mauritius Holidays

    To get up in the morning without even wondering if we put on more than a swimsuit and a sarong, to live barefoot, to see his children happy, without feeling guilty not to chain the snowshoes, to be out of town, to eat well, to forget the work and, every other day, get a massage … This is the program of our ideal vacation on an island in the Indian Ocean with the whole family. It’s decided, this year we fly to Mauritius in the middle of summer, in a Beachcomber hotel. Here are 3 good reasons to take your illico tickets.

    Forget the weather app

    Because “winter” in Port Louis is one of the most pleasant seasons to stay on the island, especially for families with little ones who cannot stand the heat and air conditioning … From June to September, the season rains and cyclones are over, temperatures are warmer (between 17 and 25 ° C) and sunshine is daily. This season, less touristy, is also ideal to rent a small 4X4 and leave to discover the beaches, the sublime nature, the culture and the Mauritian cooking with family in all tranquility.

    For an immersion in nature: visit the Morne mountain, on the south-west coast of the island: a 3km beach, a transparent lagoon and vegetation lush. An almost unreal scenery that makes you forget the rest of the world …

    To afford a real cure of well-being

    We talk about it and we dream about it all year long, without ever being able to find these few days where the perfect equilibrium settles between moments of family sharing and reconnection with oneself. This summer, why not relax yourself at a spa, which specially trains its “wellness craftsmen” to offer tailor-made programs for the body and mind: massages, treatments, yoga , Qi-gong, nutrition and sport … The future and the young mothers will appreciate the new range of 100% natural products developed locally, based on ingredients of the Mauritian soil: sugars, coconut, almonds, honey cocoa, cane plants … A real return to oneself and to the nature welcome to forget the fatigue and the rhythm of the past year.

    Enjoy your holidays in our Villa in Mauritius!

  7. Villa Mauritius: Places of interest

    red chapel mauritius

    Mauritius is full of historic buildings and vestiges bequeathed by our various Dutch, French and British predecessors. Going from the fort to the colonial house … Let’s discover these wonders that are part of our rich cultural heritage and leave the comfort of your villa in Mauritius for one day.

    1. Fort Frederik, today Frederik Hendrik Museum

    Described as the cradle of civilization in Mauritius, Fort Frederik Hendrik – once the Dutch headquarters – is located within the archaeological site of the Old Port. Named by Prince Frederik Hendrik “Stadhouder” of the Netherlands, the fort was built in 1638. In 1999, the building was later transformed into a museum, where the lives of the first inhabitants of Mauritius are traced: the Dutch.

    2. The Naval Arsenal – The ruins of Balaclava

    Previously known as the Naval Arsenal of the French, the site is now popular under this name: “The Ruins of Balaclava”. Built by the French governor, Mahe De Labourdonnais, this building played a very important role during the colonial era. This 18th-century national monument is now located next to the Le Maritim hotel, bordering the lemon river and facing the turtle bay.

    3. The Church of Cap Malheureux

    The famous red-roofed church of Cap Malheureux – the church of Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice, was built in 1756. This iconic figure of Mauritius – found on many postcards – offers a luminous and simple architecture. panoramic view of the northern islands: Flat Island, Gabriel Island, and especially the Coin de Mire.

    4. The Naval Museum in Mahebourg

    Built around 1771, the Naval Museum was originally the home of a commander of the Grand Port District, Jean de Robillard. After the historic Battle of the Old Port, De Robillard transformed the house into a hospital where the fighters of the English and French forces received their care. In 1950, the government bought the house and transformed it into a museum under the direction of the Mauritius Institute. This museum holds important historical elements such as sailboats, cannons, cannonballs, swords, weapons, used in the great battle of the time.

    Have a great trip around Mauritius!

  8. Holidays in Mauritius – Paradise on earth!

    mauritius from above

    Want to discover one of the most beautiful places on our planet? After a stay in Mauritius, you will understand what “paradise on earth” is.

    Enjoy the exotic island

    About 2000 kilometers from the south-eastern African coast and 850 kilometers east of Madagascar are Mauritius, Réunion and Rodrigues with part of the Mascarenes. The island is home to some of the world’s rarest plants and animals.

    Sacred Sun

    Mauritius is a volcanic island. One of the most famous attractions is the Grand Bassin, a sacred volcano lake where the Mauritians worshiped the goddess Shiva. With its tropical climate and beaches, Mauritius is one of the most popular destinations for enjoying the distant sun.

    6 good reasons to visit Mauritius!

    1. Walk in the footsteps of Dutch sailors such as Prince Maurits and discover the lush, lush mountains and exotic fruits that leave a very African feel. Mauritius is a mixture of cultures. 22 languages ​​are spoken there.
    2. The dodo, the bird of the family of the turkey that lived there, unfortunately disappeared. Unlike the very rare species of the Mauritian pigeon and the Mauritian kestrel that are still there. And at ‘Domaine du Chasseur’, you will discover thousands of deer and wild boars that you can shoot down for a large sum of money.
    3. Mauritius is full of culinary diversity. What will you take? A biryani (a mixture of onions, potatoes and yellow rice), rum with vanilla or cinnamon or wild boar brain, another local specialty? Do not panic: you will also find Chinese, African, European and Asian restaurants.
    4. The pleasure of idleness … the magnificent beaches of Mauritius are perfectly suited. A pure happiness in the hotels here, as they meet high standards. The resorts are among the best in the world. The price is accordingly, but you will get the best service for your money.
    5. You just got married? You will receive a discount. Mauritius is also a haven for honeymoon trips. Tell me, what is more romantic than being united by the bonds of marriage on the beach at sunset?
    6. Aquatic sports enthusiasts will surely find their happiness there. Take a trip on a sailboat, take a hilarious ride on a banana-shaped buoy, indulge in the joys of surfing, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, catamaran sailing, parasailing … All the possibilities offered to you! And around the islands, you will discover one of the longest coral reefs in the world that will leave you with unforgettable memories of your diving experiences.
  9. Villa Mauritius: Mauritius Beaches

    Roche Crystal -mauritius

    Mauritius have a varied landscapes, culture, atmosphere and gastronomy. There are 1000 reasons to visit this beautiful island of the Indian Ocean. Some come only for its beaches. It’s a shame to just stick to that, but we will not blame them, they are so beautiful: come and discover here the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius in the southern part of the island.

    Blue Bay Beach

    The Blue Bay Beach, is known for its white and soft sand, with a clean and clear coastline. Thanks to the location and size of Blue Bay this makes it a very popular beach for the weekend. The best time to enjoy the beach is during the week when you can have a small secluded corner to yourself. It is very difficult to take a bad photo at Blue Bay as it is simply one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    The Morne Brabant beach in the south-west

    To the south-west of the island is the famous Morne Brabant. This mountain and its surroundings are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO and it is not by chance. The environment is sublime and the beaches are just as much.

    Indeed, the latter are overlooked by the Morne which gives them a charm of its own … It is no coincidence that one finds the most luxurious hotels on the island and some of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius.

    The beach of Pointe D’Esny in the southeast

    To finish this small selection, direction the south-east of the island, close to the airport. There is the Pointe d’Esny bordered also by splendid beaches.

    The latter are less known but they are worth the detour … So there are even fewer people than on other places and you access by small roads between dwellings (not always easy to spot …)!

  10. East of Mauritius: Poste de Flacq

    p de flacq

    Located in one of the most beautiful regions of the island, the small Mauritian town of Poste de Flacq is a high quality hotel complex. It is also its strong point: magnificent hotels along beautiful white sandy beaches and superb sites to discover nearby.

    Water sports paradise

    The paradisiacal beaches, a dazzling lagoon of beauty and a favorable climate thanks to the trade winds that sweep the area make Poste de Flacq an ideal place for water sports such as windsurfing, kite-surfing or water skiing. In this city of Mauritius, most of the good hotels have their own nautical huts. Note that some do not hesitate to propose the activities in supplement.

    Ile Aux Cerfs

    These nautical excursions will be the opportunity to see the Île aux Cerfs, a magnificent islet located more precisely inside the lagoon of Trou-d’Eau-Douce, further south. A stone’s throw from the small Maurician town of Poste de Flacq, this is one of the most touristic places on the island. Its high frequentation is due to its paradisiacal assets, including its large palm trees and its turquoise and crystalline waters. Île aux Cerfs is home to many water sports restaurants and shops, as well as one of the most magnificent golf courses in Mauritius, Île aux Cerfs Golf Club.

    The Hindu temple of the small Mauritian town

    Located in the center of the little but still touristic Mauritian city, the Hindu temple of Poste de Flacq, enchants by its multicolored figures and its peaceful atmosphere. An essential witness to the cultural richness of the island, reminds us that the Hindu community occupies a large part of the Mauritian population.

    In Poste de Flacq and in Mauritius in general, many religious celebrations are held throughout the year, according to the timetable of each confession. The Hindu temple of Poste de Flac is regularly the witness of celebrations of Indian deities. It is sometimes for the tourists that we are, the opportunity to discover a new culture but also to share a privileged moment of the life of the natives.

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