Activities and leisure in Mauritius

Mauritius may well be synonymous with beach and sun, and you will surely find beautiful beaches and hot sun, yet leisure opportunities offered by the island go beyond simple swim. You will find a range of cultural and historic sites, activities, restaurants and shopping opportunities.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Even if your child cannot climb on the bicentennial of turtles in the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, it will certainly give them a handful of grass. This botanical garden is full of biodiversity, especially when it comes to rare, indigenous and uniqueflora. You cannot miss to see the giant water lilies that are over a meter in diameter. It is said that sending a few coins in the pond will bring you luck. To see and absorb everything, you are advised to use the services of one of the guides of the garden. Make sure they are in uniform.

Gorges National Park Black River

If you prefer the wilder side of nature, head to the Black River Gorges National Park in the center of the island. This region, due to the geography of the island, is located on the highest part of the central plateau of the island; it is among these mountains, gorges and valleys that lies the highest summit of the island, Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, at 828m above sea level. This region of the country situated high is regularly watered by rain and therefore has a very high moisture content, and is covered with a dense forest from before human settlement on the island. You are recommended to take a guide because it is easy to get lost among the valleys, especially if you leave the beaten track. One of the most popular routes is the one that begins at Petrin to finish at the bottom of the west coast.


For those who prefer the organized green spaces, Casela Nature and Leisure Park on the west coast will delight children and adults. This park has a collection of animals and especially of beautiful birds. You will find peacocks roam freely at the park entrance. Be sure to take part in the safari where you will have the opportunity to see gazelles, brown pigs and zebras drink in the river, and feed ostriches if you have the courage! Casela also invite you to a walk with lions, an opportunity not to miss!

Souvenir and Shopping

No holiday is complete if you do not shop for souvenirs to brag about when you are back. If you are in the north, head to the Grand Bay market. In the capital, the Port Louis market is where you will find a section dedicated to souvenirs. If you are looking for high-end stores, look no further: take the underground passage after the market and you will be in Port Louis Waterfront. Facing the sea, you will see on your left the Caudan Waterfront with its many shops and restaurants as well as cinemas. If the oppressive heat of Port-Louis in mid-day is too much for you, have fun at the Caudancasino.

Have a nice holiday in Mauritius!

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