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  1. Mauritius Itineraries 2017


    Wondering where to go and what to do during your next holidays on the paradise island of Mauritius? Well, we got a nice list of things to do for your 2017 Holidays:

    -Admire the immense waves of the Indian Ocean coming to break on the rocks of the southern tip of the island (La Roche qui pleure – Gris Gris.

    -Go to the Sacred Lake for a spiritual and authentic moment. Do not forget to look up to admire the majestic Shiva statue that is 80 meters high!

    -Enjoy a delicious grilled lobster in the Barachois restaurant, perched on stilts, in the middle of a lagoon full of fish and shellfish!

    -Relax on Mont-Choisy beach with soft white sand and turquoise water.

    -Awaken your senses in the Jardin des Pamplemousses, a park with luxuriant and exotic vegetation that you will not find anywhere else.

    -Visit the back of a shop of boats models, to contemplate the meticulous craft work that implies the assembly of these masterpieces recognized throughout the world.

    Transport and Tips

    Small in size and with good road infrastructure, Mauritius is relatively easy to navigate though.

    Buses, especially the Express, are probably the most convenient way to travel on Mauritius. The local companies (National Transport Corporation, Rose hill Bus Transport, United Bus Service, Triolet Bus Service and Mauritius Bus Transport) have modern and often air-conditioned vehicles serving the entire territory.

    The rates are economical and you will have to pay (foresee) the receiver present in each vehicle or at the bus station counter.

    Car rental is also an interesting option (to be reserved for drivers over 21 years old) and economical (from 20 € per day at a local rental company). However, caution is required as road conditions are very variable and congestion is frequent. Another detail that has its importance: in Mauritius, we drive to the left!

    Enjoy your trip around Mauritius!

  2. Villas Mauritius: Rochester Falls

    waterfall mauritius

    The Rochester Falls are well worth a visit while visiting the south of Mauritius. The waterfall is beautifully surrounded by trees and you can enjoy it without many people being there. You can take a swim and relax at the sound of the waterfall, but you can also climb the waterfall and take a jump.

    How to get there?

    The Rochester Falls are in the south of Mauritius, close to the village Souillac. You have to drive to Surinam and along the way you will have to take a turn into a street with a hand written sign to Rochester Falls. You can also go to Surinam and at the traffic lights turn into Chamouny Road.  From here it will be a little bit of an off-road adventure. Continue driving for about two minutes and you will find the location where to park the car.


    You can jump off the Rochester Falls from several points. Yet, you still have to go through risky climb to reach most places. While climbing around 10 meters to the top is not recommended, it is possible. You can also just take a three-minute walk to the top. There is a bush path next to the waterfall. Needless to say, be careful while climbing and where you risk to jump. Off course there are rocks in the water at several spots. Therefore, we recommend you to check first where the locals are jumping so you know which places are safe.

    A stunning waterfall

    The Rochester Falls are perfect as well for escaping the sun and relaxing in the water while admiring your surroundings. You can enjoy the beauty in silence and the playful will enjoy themselves as well.

    Enjoy your trip to Rochester Falls!

  3. Rent a Villa in Mauritius: To do!


    Being pampered by an attentive staff, lulled by the legendary kindness without artifice of Mauritians. Be awakened by the song of some exotic bird and walk the sand and allow yourself a swim in the azure lagoon. Meet at nightfall on the veranda for a drink and a last dip in the pool before watching, silently the sun falling on the reef.

    Do not hesitate to bring children along

    Mauritius is an island made for them. There is no nicer than Mauritians with small. Watch the fish, arrange a trip by canoe to visit a plantation of ylang-ylang, photograph the giant water lilies in the garden of Pamplemousses, enjoy the “straw-tailed” that come pilfering crumbs from breakfast: you will create so much memories on this wonderful island.

    Take a Car and Go to Adventure

    Take a car and go exploring. The former Isle de France is not so big and crossing it in one day is highly possible. It is large enough however to be surprised by the change of scenery in a snap. Going around the island is a slalom between craters of extinct volcanoes and lush landscapes, walk in the forest between the Natural Park of the Gorges Noires and prolonged visit to a rum distillery. Getting lost in the hills of Bois Cheri tea plantations while having a quick lunch – enjoy a “dholl puri ” sitting under a tree …

    Wellness Spas

    Indulge in wellness spas, among the finest in the world. Removing his stress in an idyllic setting – what more could you ask for? A massage under straw huts with a view, in boxes identified with thatched roofs of singing basins. Essential oils, holistic treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, colorithérapie: Each enclave has its secrets, its rituals to regenerate your body and soothe the mind.

    Have a relaxing holiday in Mauritius!

  4. Rent a villa in Mauritius: Why?

    villa mauritius

    If white sand beaches, days soaking up the coconut trees and the postcard scenery overwhelm your heart, you should definitely visit Mauritius. The climate is fantastic and the sun is shining all year round. Whether you like to party or the endless travel backpack through beautiful parks, Mauritius will not let you down. The islanders are also very friendly which add to the natural charm of this paradise destination which offers an ideal atmosphere for the holidays.


    This must be the main reason to rent a villa instead of a hotel, a villa in Mauritius is like a second home. You will have your own living room, kitchen, pool, and a balcony used as and when you feel like. In addition, you do not have to worry about other vacationers who can turn the dream vacation into a nightmare.

    The price

    Price is another good reason for those who travel in groups, they really enjoy renting a villa, as you can split the cost between the number of people in the group. Therefore, you can afford to have a pleasant stay with all your friends or better yet you could book a nice luxury villa with all customized services that is offered in this type of accommodation, since you share the all costs.

    Friends and Family

    Our lives governed by work and daily stress, we unfortunately do not have the opportunity to spend enough quality time with our loved ones: our friends, family! Booking a stay and renting a villa is the perfect excuse to bring together the whole band and relive the good times shared. The same goes for your family.


    Have you ever been annoyed by kids running around the pool all day? Or on the contrary, have you ever wished that your children have a private place nothing for them to run and make as much noise as they want? By opting for a villa with private pool, you have the perfect solution on both counts, for your privacy and dice leisure rub or get away from the noise during your vacation.

    Have wonderful holidays in our Villa in Mauritius!

  5. What to do in Mauritius?

    beach mauritius

    Mauritius is a dream destination that pleases many vacationers. Some will choose Mauritius to rest on a sandy beach under the coconut trees, alternating reading, napping and swimming in the crystal clear waters … Globetrotters will in turn be conquered by the blue of the ocean, the old Creole mansions and rich nature of Mauritius.

    What to do in Mauritius?

    For beach tourism enthusiasts, Mauritius is the perfect destination. This island is located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar in Africa. The water in the lagoon is warm and with its long sandy beaches and luxury hotels, Mauritius is one of the preferred destinations for newlyweds. It’s in Grand-Bay, Flic-en-Flac, Le Morne Brabant and Ile Aux Cerfs Island that you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius.

    Beach of Blue Bay

    The beach of Blue Bay is located in the south near Mahébourg. This corner of the island is best known for its beautiful marine background, and if you’re around, we suggest you to dive at that spot, or if you do not know how to use a mask and snorkel, book an excursion in glass bottom boat (about 200-300 rupees per person).

    When doing the glass bottom ride, you will be blown away by the diversity of corals (there are over 50 species) and colorful tropical fish that inhabit these waters turquoises. Blue-Bay is popular with Mauritians who love spending there weekends on the beach doing picnics.

    Opposite Blue-bay is Ile aux plumes. Declared a nature reserve in 1965, it is managed by the “Mauritian Wildlife Foundation”, who through his efforts, has managed to restore the forest and reintroduce plant and animal species that had disappeared from the long island. While being there, why not go a little further up to Ile Aux Aigrettes and visit this beautiful reserve – this will surely amaze you too.

    Have fun discovering Mauritius!

  6. Duty Free Mauritius

    shopping mauritius

    Mauritius is known for luxury travel, cruises aboard luxury Yachts and catamaran and beach tourism. Of course, the main concern of tour operators on the island, is to meet the needs of visitors and vacationers. Hence the establishment of the system “Mauritius duty free” on the tourist market of the island.

    Why duty free for Mauritius island?

    In recent years, Mauritius has become an industrial island, as the majority of tourist companies are involved in the implementation of tourism infrastructure on the island. In order to further promote the travel destination of Mauritius, the duty free concept have been implemented. This is promising for both service providers and tourists. Apparently, the fee agreed in is attributed to the refurbishment of hotels, once again, the objective is to meet the expectations of tourists in comfort and quality.

    How does it work?

    Tourists travel in order to have fun. To complete their journey, they always buy a little souvenir of their holiday including pashmina cashmere, diamond necklace, woven basket, glasses, assorted spices, and even high-tech products such as phones and audiovisual equipment. Know that these products mentioned are excluding tax in Mauritius. Following the purchase of these products from local vendors, you are then entitled to a refund. Once at the airport, simply report the purchases to the tax office by presenting the receipt of VAT AID SUPPLIES TO VISITORS. It will then be reimbursed within minutes.

    The benefits of tax free destination

    Previously, we mentioned that to shop on duty free is advantageous for everyone especially for tourists. Already, they are entitled to a refund, but they can also enjoy the quality of services in hotels and villas thus ensuring a luxurious trip with huge profits on a paradisiacal island.

    Have fun shopping in Mauritius!

  7. Hotel or Villa Mauritius?

    South of Mauritius


    If you want to stay in a hotel, you will be spoiled for choice. Mauritius is famous for its beautiful hotel complexes and high-end services associated with them. When choosing a hotel stay, it is likely that you will stay there for a week. The cost of living in Mauritius is rather cheap for European but when it comes to the prices of hotels, this is another story.

    Where to stay in Mauritius?

    If you’ve never been to Mauritius, you will certainly be lost to choose your accommodation. The island is not big, you can easily traverse it from north to south, so you will encounter no problem to reach certain places based on where you are staying. If we were to advise you, without hesitation opt for accommodation in the south of the island. This is what seems \ the most convenient, easiest and believe me, the beaches are beautiful and peaceful there, you will not be disappointed.

    Villa in Mauritius

    From a general perspective, it is more interesting to rent a villa in Mauritius, first to save money but also to have more freedom. You will certainly have a vast choice about how to plan your stay, choose your outings and shopping. We assure you, nothing is complicated if you have prepared yourself well before your trip. And if you need advice, you will find a lot of information about Mauritius on the blog itself.

    South of the Island

    The south of the island is less touristy, more wild. This is the place one would choose for a truly relaxing holiday and certainly for future trips. There is the perfect site for diving (Blue Bay), and remains the largest southern interest of the island after 7 coloured earths. For visits, it’s great to start from the south and move up but when it comes to entertainments, there’s not much. If you like nightlife, this might not be the best place.

  8. Best Beaches in Mauritius

    Mauritius Beach

    Not all beaches are created equal. Even on the paradise island of Mauritius, some beaches are cooler than everyone else’s beach. Leaving you villa in Bel Ombre and heading toward the beach which is no exception and is one surprising beach!

    Nestled in the enchanting village of Bel Ombre found in the southern region of Mauritius, Bel Ombre beach is around 6km of dreamy sand and knock-out views. Maybe because getting there is quite complicated, you often get the place to yourself. Quiet and secluded, it is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the island’s city or touristic villages.

    Also known as St Martin Beach, Bel ombre beach finds its way among the top 10 longest beaches in Mauritius. Although most of the beachfront area is occupied by hotels, namely, Heritage le Telfair, the Tamassa hotel and the movenpick resort and spa, there is still 1.2km beach to the west that makes up the Bel Ombre public beach.

    Since the best of Bel ombre beach is not accessible via the main road, few travelers venture there. Making the isolated coastline, known for its exceptionally clear waters, shallow bays and vibrant sunsets, even more rewarding. It is definitely one of those glorious spots where you can find yourself alone and cloistered from the world, facing a lovely view across the bay.

    A bit further to the west, Le Morne, unanimously, won the title of “Most beautiful beach on the island” after visiting almost all popular beaches around the island.

    With its landscape worthy of a postcard, Le Morne takes you in an idyllic setting, beyond your most lavish dreams. This beach is unspoiled and wild nature will lead you to unknown lands. Surrounded by beautiful palm trees, you will feel out of time and enjoy happiness with its dazzling crystal clear waters.

    The beach of Flic en Flac come just after. The turquoise water of the lagoon has bewitched us! The seabed is beautiful, you will find turtles and manta rays. An incredible journey into the ocean depths!

    For third place we went to the east of the island at Belle Mare! We were dazzled by the huge white sandy beaches that stretch to the horizon. Rest and relaxation are the master words of this little paradise of Mauritius.

    If you choose to spend holidays in Mauritius, know that you will discover exceptional beaches, among the finest in the world!

  9. Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius!

    swimming with dolphins mauritius

    Swimming with dolphins is one of the most popular activities during a stay in Mauritius. Discover the details of this activity that will leave you with unforgettable memories!

    Dolphins in Mauritius

    Two types of dolphins are observed off the South West coast of Mauritius. The dolphin “Blower”, or bottlenose dolphin is the most common dolphin species in the world. They travel in small groups early in the morning in the middle of the lagoon before returning to the ocean in the afternoon to feed. Very calm nature, the dolphin “Blower” willingly let you swim with her. There is also the dolphins ‘Long Beaks’, which are smaller than dolphins “Blowers” but also more active under water and move in groups of several dozen individuals.

    Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius

    To live those magical moments with dolphins during your holidays in Mauritius, you will need to get up early! But you will not regret your morning out, the show is exceptional and the light is beautiful! The departure is between 7:00 and 8:30 from the southwestern beaches, Black River, Tamarin to get you in the Bay of Black River and Tamarin Bay. After a briefing with the skipper on the types of dolphins and their habits, precautions to respect the welfare of dolphins and security measures on the boat and in the water, you can put on your flippers, mask and snorkel, and enjoy your unforgettable encounter with dolphins! And then you can take the opportunity to discover the island Benitiers, a charming little island in which to relax.

    Protection of dolphins in Mauritius

    Since 1st  November 2012, there is a charter for the protection of dolphins in Mauritius. This law proposed by the MTPA (Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority) is to protect cetaceans in Mauritian waters within the framework of sustainable management of the marine environment of Mauritius. The dolphin protection Charter to be applied by all operators offering an observation activity or swimming with dolphins. We therefore advise you to ensure your well operator has much of its special permission from the MTPA empowering it to carry on that activity.

    Happy holidays in Mauritius!

  10. Activities and leisure in Mauritius

    Mauritius may well be synonymous with beach and sun, and you will surely find beautiful beaches and hot sun, yet leisure opportunities offered by the island go beyond simple swim. You will find a range of cultural and historic sites, activities, restaurants and shopping opportunities.

    Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

    Even if your child cannot climb on the bicentennial of turtles in the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, it will certainly give them a handful of grass. This botanical garden is full of biodiversity, especially when it comes to rare, indigenous and uniqueflora. You cannot miss to see the giant water lilies that are over a meter in diameter. It is said that sending a few coins in the pond will bring you luck. To see and absorb everything, you are advised to use the services of one of the guides of the garden. Make sure they are in uniform.

    Gorges National Park Black River

    If you prefer the wilder side of nature, head to the Black River Gorges National Park in the center of the island. This region, due to the geography of the island, is located on the highest part of the central plateau of the island; it is among these mountains, gorges and valleys that lies the highest summit of the island, Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, at 828m above sea level. This region of the country situated high is regularly watered by rain and therefore has a very high moisture content, and is covered with a dense forest from before human settlement on the island. You are recommended to take a guide because it is easy to get lost among the valleys, especially if you leave the beaten track. One of the most popular routes is the one that begins at Petrin to finish at the bottom of the west coast.


    For those who prefer the organized green spaces, Casela Nature and Leisure Park on the west coast will delight children and adults. This park has a collection of animals and especially of beautiful birds. You will find peacocks roam freely at the park entrance. Be sure to take part in the safari where you will have the opportunity to see gazelles, brown pigs and zebras drink in the river, and feed ostriches if you have the courage! Casela also invite you to a walk with lions, an opportunity not to miss!

    Souvenir and Shopping

    No holiday is complete if you do not shop for souvenirs to brag about when you are back. If you are in the north, head to the Grand Bay market. In the capital, the Port Louis market is where you will find a section dedicated to souvenirs. If you are looking for high-end stores, look no further: take the underground passage after the market and you will be in Port Louis Waterfront. Facing the sea, you will see on your left the Caudan Waterfront with its many shops and restaurants as well as cinemas. If the oppressive heat of Port-Louis in mid-day is too much for you, have fun at the Caudancasino.

    Have a nice holiday in Mauritius!

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