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  1. Big game fishing in Mauritius

    Also known as sport fishing and big game fishing & deep sea fishing is a sport that combines patience, stamina, thrill and wanderlust. Catches are made in deep sea that is officially 30m deep at least. Mauritian waters are home to a wide variety of beautiful big game species.

    A trip to Mauritius is a great opportunity to enjoy Big Game Fishing while visiting relishing natural attractions and without forgetting the perfect Mauritian hospitality. In addition of its abundant seas, the island of Mauritius has international standard fisheries infrastructures and IGFA allows one to record their capture in the case of a record.

    Surrounded by the immenseness of the Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius is famed for being one of the world’s best Big Game Fishing destination. Many species of fish visit the island. In fact, big fishes are often migratory and like warm climate water like Mauritius.

    Though one can appreciate this thrilling sport throughout the year in Mauritius, the best season it is summer, which occurs between November and April. Time when the island’s seas shelter the widest species of fishes like the Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, sharks, tuna and bonitos.

    During the November-December period the island of Mauritius spots some world famous fishing competitions, the most prestigious of them being the Marlin World Cup. As you would expect, during these two months, the most beautiful preys like marlins, sharks and barracudas are prone to be fished.

    Whether you are a seasonal or a novice fisher, in Mauritius you will find the best teams to assist you. The thing is once you have experienced the amazing adventure of deep sea fishing outside the dazzling lagoons of Mauritius, you will want to come back again.

    Find more information about big game fishing in Mauritius here.

  2. Discover the capital of Mauritius: Port Louis

    Port Louis is beautifully contrasted with modernity and history. Visit the capital of Mauritius in your rented car and discover hidden facets of Mauritius and its inhabitants, authenticity at its best. The capital city of Mauritius is beautifully nestled on the western coast of the island. Enclosed by the ocean and a beautiful mountain range.

    The Mauritian capital unveils a beautiful representation of the island’s multicultural population. Located not far from the idyllic beaches that make the reputation of the island, Port Louis is a fabulous place to visit if you want to discover or even mix with the multicultural Mauritian society. The architectural landscape of Port Louis is marked by the presence of several religious monuments such as pagodas, temples, mosques and churches. Port-Louis is home for most of the real estate in Mauritius.

    Visiting the city of Port Louis is like discovering the country’s soul and traditions. One day is enough to see the monuments and major historical buildings, like the statue Mahé de Labourdonnais at the Place d’Armes and the Government House. Overlooking the city, the Fort Adelaide reserves an outstanding view over the region.

    The main attraction of the city of Port Louis is its market: “bazaar” for locals. The market is an ideal place to meet people and enjoy Mauritian street foods. The stalls offer a wide variety of exotic fruits, vegetables and in the craft sector of the market, you find interesting objects to enrich your holiday memories.

    A whole different atmosphere awaits you at the famous Port Louis Waterfront. It is the first shopping mall of Mauritius is the place to find luxury boutiques and shops of famous brands. The Caudan and Port Louis waterfront is one of the rare place where you can enjoy shopping and have fun in Port Louis. If you decide to visit the city in weekends, do not miss the lively Champ de Mars and its thrilling horse races.

  3. Mauritius best touristic places

    Vast Stretches Of Sand-Mauritius

    Mauritius is one of the most visited islands of the world. The island often described a complete, has a multitude of attractions and amazing sceneries for the tourist. With its stunning beaches, thriving coral reefs, warm temperature and charming culture, the island of Mauritius offers an assortment of tropical fantasies. Discover some of the best touristic attractions in Mauritius in your hired car:


    Chamarel is the number one nature attraction in Mauritius. Its exceptional seven colored earth is the result of a rare natural phenomenon which offers a unique view of different shades.

    Tip: Don’t miss the very picturesque waterfall of Chamarel.

    Le Morne

    With its wonderful beach and its mythical mountain peak ‘Le Morne Brabant’, the village of le Morne is a must-visit in the south of the island. With its rich cultural values, Morne Brabant is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    Grand Baie

    Located in the north of the island, the village of Grand Baie is the most famous resort of Mauritius. With its kilometers of white sand beaches, has attracted a lot of visitors. Everything in Grand Baie is turned towards the ocean, many hotels, villas, beach restaurants. Grand Baie is also a popular to enjoy nightlife in Mauritius.

    Flic en Flac

    The famous beach of Flic en Flac is one of the longest beaches on the island. More than four kilometers of white sand beach lined with thousands of Casuarina trees. Like Grand Baie, Flic en Flac is very much appreciated for nightlife.

    SSR Botanical garden

    Also known as the Pamplemousses garden, this botanical garden located in the north of the island is simply astonishing. It regroups a wide variety of plants and palm trees of which some are endemic to Mauritius. Among all the plants the Water Lily is certainly the most famous of the botanical garden.

    Port Louis

    The capital city of Mauritius is certainly not attractive as the postcards beaches of Mauritius, but it is certainly worth a visit. In fact, Port Louis is a not to miss place if you want to have a sense of the Mauritian traditions. The central market of the capital is the place to be to taste the best Mauritian street foods.

    Real Estate Mauritius- Royal Park

  4. Mauritius overview

    Mauritius is the most visited island in the Indian Ocean. For sure, Mauritius is famed for its gorgeous white sand beaches and its natural wonders. Mauritius is regarded as a complete destination for holidays, a multi-destination island. But most importantly, Mauritius has a treasure, its people.

    The legendary hospitality of Mauritians is what makes the island so special and holidays memorable. The Mauritian society is a real cultural mosaic of people, Muslims, Hindus, African, European, Asians, all live peacefully despite their different origins. This assortment of values and traditions contributed to make the creole culture.

    The island of Mauritius is for the most part surrounded by dazzling white sand beaches, deluxe hotels and villas. Unlike beaches, luxury is a choice when visiting Mauritius. The coastlines of the island has a collection of some of the finest hotels. But you might as well consider smaller structures like villas which can offer more privacy and personalized service.

    Located not far from the tropic of Capricorn, the island of Mauritius inherits from a hot climate. The sun shines 320 days a year making the island a year-round destination. On the coastlines of the island, the temperature never drops any lower than 26°C and it can easily rise up to 35°C in summer.

    Mauritius is mostly surrounded by natural coral reefs. This ensures calmness, safe lagoons but also offers great diving and snorkeling opportunities. Flic en Flac is one of the best beaches of Mauritius and has two world class diving sites, La Cathédrale and Rempart Serpent. Not very far from our villas, in Blue Bay, lies the nest underwater treasure of Mauritius, a marine park. Get your scuba diving kit ready!

    Nature lovers will definitely appreciate the south of Mauritius. This region of the island regroups the best natural wonders of Mauritius. The seven colored earth of Chamarel is one of the most visited attractions of Mauritius. Enjoy your holidays on the island.

  5. Villas Mauritius: The island’s southern attractions

    The south coast of Mauritius

    The southern coast of Mauritius is undoubtedly the wildest of all Mauritian coasts. Mountain ranges, dense forestation, waterfalls and frantic laguna characterise best the southern coast of Mauritius.
    The good side of all this is that the south of Mauritius remained, for the most part, natural and pristine. As our villas are located in that region, let’s take a tour of the best attractions of the south of Mauritius!

    Chamarel seven coloured earth

    La terre des sept couleurs de Chamarel
    The multi-coloured earth of Chamarel is the most intriguing attraction of Mauritius. A rare nature perfection where earth of seven distinct shades can be observed. What is even more intriguing is that, when the different colours are mixed together, within hours they would separate themselves and obtain their natural colours. The seven coloured earth of Chamarel is a well-known attraction of Mauritius and all tour operators organise trips to Chamarel village.

    Le Morne village

    Plage du Morne Maurice

    Fishermen at le Morne Brabant

    Le Morne is one of the most beautiful villages of Mauritius. Not only the village is located in the extreme south-west of the island and is free from mass-tourism, it is also the most historical village of the island. In fact, le Morne Brabant, world heritage site of UNESCO is a mountain peak packed with historical values.
    Le Morne village is also home to one of the best beaches of Mauritius, Le Morne public beach. The beach completes the portrait of a cultural village. A village where fishermen and pirogues meet white sand and turquoise for the picture perfect postcard. Lately, the beach of le Morne has been attracting a lot of watersport lovers. With its constant rolls of waves and windy climate, the beach is a paradise for surfing, kitesurfing and bodyboarding.

    Here are some other amazing attractions of the south of Mauritius:
    – Blue Bay beach
    – Blue Bay Marine Park
    – Black River Gorges National Park
    – Mahebourg
    – Rochester Falls
    – Ilot Sanchot
    – Andrea Lodge
    – Bois Cherie Tea Plantation
    – La Cambuse beach
    – Gris Gris
    – La Roche qui Pleure

  6. Port-Louis the capital city of Mauritius

    Umbrella Caudan Waterfront

    Mauritius is a multi-destination island! Even though the island is relatively small, a total area of 1852 km², Mauritius offers à multitude of natural sceneries and attractions. The beach is king in Mauritius, some 330km of littoral offering over 100 separate beaches.

    Beaches are spotlighted by local organisations and hotels, many beautiful spots of the islands are belittled. While it is perfectly fine to enjoy your beachfront resort, there is much more to discover about Mauritius. Here is one of them that is really worth visiting:

    Port-Louis the heart of Mauritius

    One day is enough to have a sense of the capital city of Mauritius. In fact, Port-Louis is the smallest district of the island but is an open-air museum to discover the rich culture of Mauritius.

    Grand Bazaar

    Make sure you don’t miss the Central Market also known among locals as ‘Grand Bazaar’, it is the nucleus of the capital. A vibrant market where it can be quite noisy at times but bear with me, a visit is definitely worth the extra decibels. You will find exotic street foods and fruits but also many locally produced products as spices and original souvenir gifts.

    Cultural monuments of Port-Louis

    The city of Port-Louis reflects remarkably the social values of Mauritius. A multi-cultural population regrouped on a paradise island. In Port-Louis, just metres separate religious monuments, like the Jummah Mosque located at the heart of China Town or the imposing Cathédrale de Saint-Louis!

    When strolling the streets of the capital, you will most probably come across a lot of monuments representative of the history of Port-Louis. Don’t miss, Places d’Armes, Jardin de la Compagnie and the waterfront.

    During the day, Port-Louis is the sprightliest city of Mauritius. The city is home to the main administrative centres and businesses of the island. The only possible drawback is that it can get very hot in Port-Louis, sometimes over 30°C. So go sleeveless and don’t forget to bring your camera.

  7. The wild south of Mauritius

    From the historic Morne Brabant to Mahebourg, the south of Mauritius is a pristine region offering some of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Unlike the north, south of Mauritius is less developed has kept its exotic and wild side. Hire a car in Mauritius and visit the following places of interest:

    Le Morne Brabant

    Le Morne Brabant is a striking mountain peak located at the tip of the southeast of Mauritius. The site has been classified UNESCO World Heritage site. In a historical point of view, Le Morne Brabant is rather a sad place to be, it is said that the mountain was a refuge for slaves and many of them lost their lives by jumping from the top when were to be announced about the abolition of slavery.

    The south of Mauritius is reputed to have the most pristine beaches and the public beach of Le Morne is the perfect illustration of it. Lined with filaos (Casuarina trees), the white sand beach of Le Morne is one of the finest in Mauritius and when you add to this a beautiful gradient of turquoise to azure, it is a living postcard.

    Rochester Falls

    Located at about 4km from the village of Souillac, the Rochester Falls is one of the hidden treasures of Mauritius. The road to Rochester Falls isn’t that obvious as you have to go across sugarcane fields and the sugar refinery of Terracine. Once there, you have to trek for five more minutes to discover this secret place of the south.

    Rochester Falls is quite particular, over the years, with erosion, water has shaped the volcanic rocks to give them quite a curious shape. The waterfall has a height of more than 10 meters, where it ends up in a beautiful pond appealing for a revitalizing bath.

    The south of Mauritius is full of points of interests, like Le Souffleur, La Roche qui Pleure, Gris Gris or the seven colored earth of Chamarel. The best way to discover Mauritius and especially the south is by renting a car and adventurously finding your way through.

    Have nice uplifting holidays in the south!

  8. Villa rental in Mauritius: how to get the best deal?

    With its stunning beaches, lush vegetation and perfect tropical climate, the island Mauritius is regarded as a world class holiday and honeymoon destination. There is over a hundred of beaches across the 330 kilometres of the Mauritian littoral and nearly a thousand of hotels and villas. That said, it can be quite a task to choose a villa or hotel in Mauritius, but nothing much to worry about. Here are some tips to help you make your choice of hotel or villa in Mauritius.


    Mauritius is an all-year-round holiday destination, still, the time you are planning to stay is an important factor to consider when choosing an accommodation. Hotels, villas and other tourism facilities tend to have slightly higher prices in peak seasons (August to January).

    The duration of your stay can also influence the choice of your accommodation. Hotel packages and deals are interesting for one week or less. Staying for a longer period of time in a hotel can be quite expensive. A villa would be more appropriate as the price drops if you stay longer.

    Planning is the key for relaxing holidays and if you have everything planned, you can book your villa in advance and enjoy from cheaper prices, special family packages and advantages such as free child places or low deposit schemes. Many hotels and villas offer early-booking deals up to 25% off in Mauritius.


    Prices of accommodations vary significantly according to their location. A villa on a beautiful beach will undoubtedly cost a lot more than a villa located far from the beach. The same applies to the activities feasible around the villa. The more activities the location has to offer, the higher the price gets.

    Choosing a location in advance will help you spend your holidays just like you wished. While some prefer crowded touristic environments, lately in Mauritius, many visitors are opting for an inland villa in search of calmness and tranquillity.

    Mauritius is a small island and breath-taking beaches are everywhere around the island. The east and north coasts of Mauritius are the warmest and have the most hotels. The west and the south coasts of the island are less tourism-centred and have the most pristine beaches.

    Why choose a villa?

    • Villas are hard to beat in terms of amount of space that you get for your money
    • Private pool, private garden, private parking, why not?
    • Villas are better equipped in electronic and domestic appliances than hotels.
    • Villas are perfect for ceremonies like weddings, birthdays or parties.
    • Better prices throughout the year
  9. Villa Belle Riviere: Best time to visit Mauritius

    The tropical island of Mauritius is definitely an all year round holiday destination and depending on your preferences, you can choose when to visit Mauritius. That said, there is an on and off season for tourism in Mauritius and in between the seasons, there are two short periods in May and September when the weather is perfect, sweet spots in time to visit idyllic sceneries.

    Mauritius in May

    May falls in wintertime in Mauritius and though the island enjoys from a tropical climate with year-round warmness, in winter it get a little cooler due to the South East Trade Wind. The temperature during the month of May is around 26°C in average and the coastal region remain very warm.

    Cyclone free

    The month of May is interesting for holidays in Mauritius because the cyclone period ends in March. More rainfall is recorded in the first four months of the year in Mauritius, and in May the weather seems to recover with a soft tropical sun.


    The month of May is a perfect opportunity to find the best deals in hotel and cheap flight to Mauritius as it is quite off-season. During this period hotels are half empty and beaches nearly deserted and hotels offer special packages and cheaper rates. So it is interesting for anyone who wants to visit Mauritius on a budget.

    Mauritius in September

    September represents the end of winter and the beginning of summer in Mauritius. There is a period of two or three weeks between the two seasons when the temperature is perfect for beach holidays. If you are more likely to spend most of your time at the beach or practicing water sports or big game fishing.

    Tourist influx

    The month of September is interesting for honeymooners as during this period there is not a lot of tourists in Mauritius. In fact, in doing so, you will avoid the end of year influx of tourist on the island. Usually hotels provide lower prices than in peak seasons.

    Good to know

    • The cyclonic period is between the month of February and January even though cyclones are quite unusual these last years in Mauritius.
    • It is preferable to book your accommodation early to have interesting prices but sometimes hotels offer last minutes deals which are very interesting too. Do some research!

     Whenever you come to Mauritius, have a nice time!

  10. Villa Mauritius: Must-Visits

    When you are lodging in our Villa, you are close to the most interesting tourist attractions of the island. And we have made a list of the places you should visit while enjoying your holidays in Mauritius. Make those holidays even more perfect and unforgettable and visit those wonderful spots.

    Black River Gorges National Park

    Black River Gorges National Park

    Black River Gorges National Park

    A national park stretching over 6574 hectares of incredible native forests and wildlife, covering 3.5% of Mauritius’ land area and including a range of ecosystems. This dense forest is home to over 300 species of flowering plants. Want to spot one of the rarest birds in the world? Then the national park is your best bet since it is the habitat of the Pink pigeon, a bird endemic to Mauritius, which nearly reached extinction. Let yourself be carried away by its set of panoramic views of the island’s landscape, including vistas, gorges, peaks and waterfalls.




    Chamarel attracts much since you will have the chance to visit the beautiful places in its vicinity- The highest waterfall in Mauritius at 100 metres and the 7-coloured earths. The Chamarel Falls are as impressive a waterfall as you’ll find anywhere and makes up a perfect spot. Climbing the stairs to the viewing platform reveals an awe impressive view as it hits the pool 100 metres below. The ‘Seven Coloured Earth’, made up of sand dunes of different distinct colours including reds, browns and purples will impress more than one. This phenomenon is due to the cooling, at different temperatures, of volcanic rocks which resulted in dunes of different colours.

    Prices: Rs 125 (Uniform- Approx $5)

    La Vanille Crocodile Park

    The star of the show here is without any doubt the crocodile, but you will also see other creatures including giant bats, giant turtles, monkeys and a huge insect collection. While having a walk through the jungle observing the flora and fauna, you will learn more about the endangered species endemic to Mauritius. Its insectarium is one of the world’s largest private collections of butterfly and other insects. And those beautiful creatures are a feast to the eyes. The restaurant of the park even proposes Crocodile Curry on its menu. What is better than ending the visit while having a taste of crocodile curry in the restaurant?

    Cost: Adult-Rs350 (Approx. $13), Child- Rs200(Approx. $7)

    La roche qui pleure /Le Souffleur

    This place is simply amazing, superb, relaxing and inspiring. Unique big waves crashing against the volcanic cliffs. The rocks being porous will make you hear, at each backslash, the rocks breathing. An amazing and sole experience everyone should see and enjoy.


    Grand Bassin

    Grand Bassin

    Grand Bassin

    Grand Bassin, an extinct volcano, now a lake high up in the mountains about 1800 feet above sea level is the most sacred Hindu place on the island of Mauritius. It is also a well-known place of interest. On the spot you will be able to visit a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is also a majestic 108 foot statue of Shiva which brings a touch of uniqueness to that specific location.

    Enjoy your stay in a villa on this magnificent piece of paradise!

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