Discover the capital of Mauritius: Port Louis

Port Louis is beautifully contrasted with modernity and history. Visit the capital of Mauritius in your rented car and discover hidden facets of Mauritius and its inhabitants, authenticity at its best. The capital city of Mauritius is beautifully nestled on the western coast of the island. Enclosed by the ocean and a beautiful mountain range.

The Mauritian capital unveils a beautiful representation of the island’s multicultural population. Located not far from the idyllic beaches that make the reputation of the island, Port Louis is a fabulous place to visit if you want to discover or even mix with the multicultural Mauritian society. The architectural landscape of Port Louis is marked by the presence of several religious monuments such as pagodas, temples, mosques and churches. Port-Louis is home for most of the real estate in Mauritius.

Visiting the city of Port Louis is like discovering the country’s soul and traditions. One day is enough to see the monuments and major historical buildings, like the statue Mahé de Labourdonnais at the Place d’Armes and the Government House. Overlooking the city, the Fort Adelaide reserves an outstanding view over the region.

The main attraction of the city of Port Louis is its market: “bazaar” for locals. The market is an ideal place to meet people and enjoy Mauritian street foods. The stalls offer a wide variety of exotic fruits, vegetables and in the craft sector of the market, you find interesting objects to enrich your holiday memories.

A whole different atmosphere awaits you at the famous Port Louis Waterfront. It is the first shopping mall of Mauritius is the place to find luxury boutiques and shops of famous brands. The Caudan and Port Louis waterfront is one of the rare place where you can enjoy shopping and have fun in Port Louis. If you decide to visit the city in weekends, do not miss the lively Champ de Mars and its thrilling horse races.

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