Mauritius: Practical Info

A privileged island for honeymoons, Mauritius is an accessible destination with innumerable assets … White sand, coconut trees and azure sea make up the picture postcard landscape that has made its reputation but Mauritius is far from being summed up in this description of tropical paradise. To discover the culture and natural beauty of this jewel of the Indian Ocean, follow the advice of going there and relax in the shade of the filaos!

The essentials

All the information you need to plan your trip to Mauritius

The local currency Is the Mauritian rupee

Time zone: +4 hours GMT

Documents: Identity card or Valid passport

When to go?

The best time to go to Mauritius

Best time to leave: From June to November

Mean temperature: Between 16ºC and 26ºC

Average water temperature: Between 23ºC and 25ºC

The unavoidable events

Here is a small selection of events not to be missed during your stay in Mauritius

Ganesh Chaturthi

Pilgrimage of Father Désiré Laval to Sainte-Croix

Festival of Light- Divali

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

What to do in Mauritius?

Le Jardin de Pamplemousse: to visit with a guide to make the most of it!

L’île aux Aigrettes: a magnificent nature reserve that can be visited by a group. Be careful, provide for water, it is 2 to 3 degrees hotter than on Mauritius!

The Vanilla Nature Reserve, for these giant tortoises, bat, crocodiles and more

Visit Chamarel, these lands of color and its waterfalls are not to be missed.

Discover the dolphins: choose a small boat and leave very early in the morning!

Sugar Adventure: a museum devoted to the history of the island. Do not miss the tasting of all the sugars at the end of the course.

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