Port-Louis the capital city of Mauritius

Mauritius is a multi-destination island! Even though the island is relatively small, a total area of 1852 km², Mauritius offers à multitude of natural sceneries and attractions. The beach is king in Mauritius, some 330km of littoral offering over 100 separate beaches.

Beaches are spotlighted by local organisations and hotels, many beautiful spots of the islands are belittled. While it is perfectly fine to enjoy your beachfront resort, there is much more to discover about Mauritius. Here is one of them that is really worth visiting:

Port-Louis the heart of Mauritius

One day is enough to have a sense of the capital city of Mauritius. In fact, Port-Louis is the smallest district of the island but is an open-air museum to discover the rich culture of Mauritius.

Grand Bazaar

Make sure you don’t miss the Central Market also known among locals as ‘Grand Bazaar’, it is the nucleus of the capital. A vibrant market where it can be quite noisy at times but bear with me, a visit is definitely worth the extra decibels. You will find exotic street foods and fruits but also many locally produced products as spices and original souvenir gifts.

Cultural monuments of Port-Louis

The city of Port-Louis reflects remarkably the social values of Mauritius. A multi-cultural population regrouped on a paradise island. In Port-Louis, just metres separate religious monuments, like the Jummah Mosque located at the heart of China Town or the imposing Cathédrale de Saint-Louis!

When strolling the streets of the capital, you will most probably come across a lot of monuments representative of the history of Port-Louis. Don’t miss, Places d’Armes, Jardin de la Compagnie and the waterfront.

During the day, Port-Louis is the sprightliest city of Mauritius. The city is home to the main administrative centres and businesses of the island. The only possible drawback is that it can get very hot in Port-Louis, sometimes over 30°C. So go sleeveless and don’t forget to bring your camera.

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