Rent a Villa in Mauritius: To do!

Being pampered by an attentive staff, lulled by the legendary kindness without artifice of Mauritians. Be awakened by the song of some exotic bird and walk the sand and allow yourself a swim in the azure lagoon. Meet at nightfall on the veranda for a drink and a last dip in the pool before watching, silently the sun falling on the reef.

Do not hesitate to bring children along

Mauritius is an island made for them. There is no nicer than Mauritians with small. Watch the fish, arrange a trip by canoe to visit a plantation of ylang-ylang, photograph the giant water lilies in the garden of Pamplemousses, enjoy the “straw-tailed” that come pilfering crumbs from breakfast: you will create so much memories on this wonderful island.

Take a Car and Go to Adventure

Take a car and go exploring. The former Isle de France is not so big and crossing it in one day is highly possible. It is large enough however to be surprised by the change of scenery in a snap. Going around the island is a slalom between craters of extinct volcanoes and lush landscapes, walk in the forest between the Natural Park of the Gorges Noires and prolonged visit to a rum distillery. Getting lost in the hills of Bois Cheri tea plantations while having a quick lunch – enjoy a “dholl puri ” sitting under a tree …

Wellness Spas

Indulge in wellness spas, among the finest in the world. Removing his stress in an idyllic setting – what more could you ask for? A massage under straw huts with a view, in boxes identified with thatched roofs of singing basins. Essential oils, holistic treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, colorithérapie: Each enclave has its secrets, its rituals to regenerate your body and soothe the mind.

Have a relaxing holiday in Mauritius!

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