The seven colors of Chamarel – The inevitable tour of Mauritius

While enjoying your holidays in Mauritius, do not miss a visit to Chamarel in the southwest of the island. This place is known for its small traditional village, its waterfall and also the land of seven colors.

The land of the seven colors of Chamarel

Between Black River and the tip of Le Morne, the region of Chamarel is one of the main natural attractions of Mauritius. Located in a private area where access is limited, the land of 7 colors is explained by the presence of volcanic ash containing mineral oxides of different colors laid bare by erosion for centuries. The surprising color variations range from ocher, brown, red and purple.

This unique place in the world, is preserved today. It is no longer possible as before to bring a handful of earth, nor to walk in the protected areas. For the delight of little ones an enclosure hosts giant tortoises!


To access the land of the seven colors, you will take an ocher trail along an impressive waterfall. Fueled by a river, the fall measures about 100 meters high. You can admire it from the top of a promontory, or simply go down and bathe.

Aventure Parc Chamarel

In this unique setting, a new concept of sports recreation was installed.

Young and old, athletic or not, can move from tree to tree, follow trails and enjoy the exceptional view of the site on the Chamarel valley and the Piton of the Black River, which is the highest peak of the island.

The Chamarel Adventure Park has two aerial courses that can be chained sequentially. The area being more or less secured from dangerous situations require no special athletic skill, but only a few individual abilities such as balance, motor coordination or control of his apprehensions.

Enjoy your visit!

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