Villa in Mauritius: The South!

The south is the wildest and least developed region of the island. Apart from Mahébourg and its surroundings, this region lacks a calm lagoon and has remained intact. The ‘Deep South’ as ​​it is often called, with its high cliffs and raging waters, is probably the unknown and forgotten coastal part. Gris Gris and Le Souffleur, two natural sites along the southern coastline, offer breathtaking views.


At the village of Souillac, named after the Vicomte de Souillac, is the Robert Edouard Hart Museum. This poet and Mauritian painter has written extensively on the island but especially on the south coast. Not far from Souillac is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island, Le Rochester Falls.

At River of the Anguilles also in the south is the Vanilla Crocodile Park, a park that hosts crocodiles imported from Madagascar and also other reptiles. There are also other animals that come from the forest of the island such as the monkey, the wild boar, the deer and the turtle.

Nature Park

The Val Nature Park is another site that will certainly want to visit the fanatics of nature. Located in a more central area, this park is a peaceful haven for fish, turtles, birds, monkeys and has vegetation and a tropical climate.

In the south-east of the island, the ruins of the ancient fortifications built under French rule bear witness to the many naval battles that have taken place in this region of the island. Archaeologists have recently begun a search of the ruins of Fort Frederick Hendrick, built by the Dutch.

Domaine du chasseur

The Domaine du Chasseur is located in Anse Jonchée in the south-east of the island and extends over 900 hectares of hunting ground for wild animals such as deer, wild boar and monkey. Bungalows for a few days are also available as well as an exotic restaurant specializing in delicious Mauritian cuisine. Next to the estate is another estate, that of Yang Ylang where the Ylang Ylang flower, used in the manufacture of perfumes, is cultivated. From its hillock, it offers an extraordinary view on this part of the South-East of the island. You can stroll through the estate and get drunk with the fragrance of Ylang Ylang and other aromatic plants that are distilled in the nearby distillery. It also includes a very rustic but pleasant restaurant where you can enjoy good Mauritian cuisine.

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